This YouTuber Explains Logarithms Bob Ross Style

The Australian YouTuber calls her show "The Joy of Mathematics."

For those not familiar with Bob Ross, Ross was a famous American painter, art instructor, and the creator and host of The Joy of Painting, an instructional television painting program. The show was known for his style of sitting in front of the camera and showing how a painting was done step by step.

Now, a YouTuber has decided to imitate this format to explain logarithms. Just like Ross called his show "The Joy of Painting", Australian YouTuber Toby Hendy calls her show "The Joy of Mathematics."

She introduces the show in the same style as Bob Ross complete with a picturesque setting and the drawing of trees. However, Hendy does not start drawing, instead, she explains mathematical equations.

She also uses the analogy of a tree's height to explain the logarithms. The video lasts almost 10 minutes and really does make mathematics more interesting.

We won't tell you anymore. Watch the video yourselves and discover this whole new way of learning math.

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