This YouTuber Made a Game Steering Wheel from a Barstool, a Mouse and a Pair of Tongs

This creative hacker has made an awesome game steering wheel from common household items. The new device works perfectly with this truck driving simulation game.
Jessica Miley

If you’ve just spent a bunch of money on your favorite driving simulator game, the last thing you want to do is spend more cash on the recommended steering wheel. Well, you don’t have to. In this video, a European truck simulator fan shows how to make an almost free steering wheel from household items. All you’ll need is a spinning bar stool, a mouse, a pair of tongs and some trusty duct tape. While the video doesn’t go into exact detail of how to do this at home, it looks like a pretty simple setup that has very impressive results.

The game, which involves pretending to drive a large truck along European highways seems to benefit from having the almost realistic steering wheel setup. While we aren’t convinced this is a good use of your time, this YouTuber gets full marks for ingenious engineering. Possibly even more impressive is he isn’t a regular contributor to the DIY scene, rather it looks like this is a one-off invention amongst some serious computer game time.

Gamers are notorious for creating console hacks that save money and improve gameplay. A quick search on YouTube will reveal hundreds of hackers who have turned everything from old bike handlebars to a pizza box into steering wheels for racing and driving simulation games.

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