This YouTuber Makes a Parody of the Latest Apple Keynote Event

This parody on Apple's latest keynote event is what people probably already had on their minds.
Irmak Bayrakdar

YouTuber 'jacksfilms,' aka Jack Douglass, who regularly creates parody videos on just about everything, has now created a video after the newest Apple keynote event. Frankly, what he points to in this parody might just be what people already had on their minds. 

The event took place at Cupertino, California last Tuesday, where the brand unveiled the much anticipated new iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch models as well as two new subscription services.

One of them being the Apple Arcade which is a gaming service designed for and by Apple and the other being the Apple TV+, which is a streaming service much like Netflix. 

The parody video about the presentation mocks Apple using the famous game Frogger, where the new Apple Arcade was debuted with the 80s arcade classic. Commenting on how the iPhones are very much alike and have very little difference, he also makes fun of the new name (Slofies?) Apple came up with for iPhone's new feature: Slow Selfies.

After probably thinking the whole keynote event wasn’t close to expectations and that the Apple products receive way too much attention, Jack took the opportunity to make something fun out of the situation.  

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