This YouTuber Shows You How to Make a Water-Cooled Electric Drift Trike

Using a DIY 48V 18Ah lithium-ion pack and a 1500W water cooled brushless DC motor, this ingenious YouTuber builds one impressive drift trike!
Loukia Papadopoulos

Drift trikes are a hoot! These often overlooked modes of transport are not only loads of fun they can be adapted for some pretty cool experiments.

That is why we were very excited to discover YouTuber austiwawa's series dedicated to do-it-yourself electric drift trikes. So we absolutely had to share his latest with you because this one even featured a water-cooled motor.

"I have converted the front wheel drive electric drift trike into a rear wheel drive machine! This drift trike is equipped with a 1500W water cooled brushless DC motor. The battery used is a 48V 18Ah lithium-ion pack that I made in a previous video," says the video's description.

This clip is certain to stir the engineer in all of us to embark on our drift trike DIY yourself journeys. And that is precisely what austiwawa aims to do.

The YouTuber's about section reveals his real name and mission! "My name is Austin. I enjoy creating interesting and inspiring DIY projects and sharing my projects and ideas with all of you. Most of my DIY videos have something to do with either electronics, technology, science, woodworking, engineering and much more!" says the inventive host.

Thank you Austin and keep up the great work. We will be watching for more fun ideas to inspire us!