Time-Lapse Footage of a Fingernail Growing and Getting Trimmed for One Year

It is actually rather interesting.
Derya Ozdemir

It is not that fun to talk about nails, but we will do that today. Nails are a part of our lives: we clean them, some paint them, we cut them and some people actually eat them. This YouTuber, however, made a time-lapse video of a nail growing and being cut instead.

Kolo / Time Lapse is a YouTube channel that makes time-lapse footage and other frame-by-frame products, and this video shows the growing and trimming process of a fingernail for one year. It is a bit meaningless yet still remains entertaining and interesting. 

The video is just perfect on the production side when you think about the commitment that went into it. Seeing everything lined up perfectly each frame and the careful camera movement changes between the days is just great and very professional. 

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However, we have a suggestion. They should do the video again, but this time by not trimming the nail until the end. Now, that, would be truly disgusting and disturbing but would be fun to watch nonetheless.

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