This Tiny Truck Transforms into an Incredible Fantasy Castle

Shelby Rogers

Meeting this truck on the road probably wouldn't give you much reason to pause. However, once it parks, this unassuming truck impresses in a matter of moments. It transforms into a luxurious castle despite its tiny casing exterior.

Jola and Justin crafted the house from the shell of a truck that they'd initially wanted to make into a normal house. However, once Justin showed Jola sketches of a castle-inspired setup, the pair immediately went to work.

They wanted to engineer the space to have enough room to feel like a normal apartment. The truck has a full kitchen with a full-sized stove. They designed airy ceilings and perfect spots for outdoor activities. They even have a fireplace hooked into a water tank for heating both the water and the overall space during the winter. Justin and Jola also installed solar panels on the overhang. As a last resort, they have gas for heating.

"I like engineering," Justin said. "I like art. When you can put them both together, it's really good. This is like one big art project."

The truck also meets the needs for Jola's traveling career as an acrobat. The castle has plenty of space for the couple's young son who certainly has an incredibly magical place to grow up.

Even the turrets are completely functional. They have composting toilets and showers on either side with a small mechanical washing machine near the shower.

The truck/castle might be one of the best representations of the "tiny house" trend we've ever seen. As more people look for inventive ways to travel in luxury, tiny homes have expanded to include nearly any type of style imagined. They also appeal to families or unmarried people looking to simplify their lives. Typically, these houses run anywhere from $2,500 to $10,000 to construct, and monthly utilities are kept down to a minimum. However, in recent years, the movement has seen a decline due to zoning restrictions and enforcing uniform standards.