Tires on Christmas Island Vehicles Equipped with Special Shoes That Prevent Squishing Crabs

Squishing by cars becomes a danger during the mass red crab migration.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Christmas Island’s mass red crab migration is one of the most famous and wondrous natural processes on Earth. Every year, millions of these large red crabs come out of the forest and head down to the beach to breed.

Male crabs lead the migration and are later joined by females. When do these crabs begin their journey? Well, that is all determined by the phase of the moon.

Red crabs spawn before dawn on a receding high-tide during the last quarter of the moon. What is most impressive is that intuitively they know exactly when to start their journey to make this lunar date. And what a journey it is!

To complete it they cross many obstacles including roads filled with cars. You could see why this might be a problem for our little friends.

Now, engineers have come up with an ingenious way to keep the crabs safe from cars. They created these special shoes that go around the wheels of the cars and push the crabs away.

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What a wonderful way to keep these small creatures safe and sound! We wish them luck and safe travels on their wondrous journey. 

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