Transform an Average Tin Can into a Cute Mini Barbecue Grill

Rather than shell out money on an expensive grill, this YouTube video walks grill masters through how to build their own personal grilling units using a tin can.

There's nothing better associated with summertime cooking than meat over a barbecue grill. Chicken, fish, hamburgers, and hotdogs -- nothing is off-limits to being transformed into a delicious cookout meal straight from a grill. 

While grills are great, they can rack up quite a cost. Good, quality grills can run anywhere from $300 all the way to a few thousand dollars. The most elaborate grills can also take up quite a bit of space in someone's backyard or patio area. However, the minds behind the Mr Useful channel on YouTube decided to create a much smaller option for their summertime cookouts. They took a tin can and transformed it into a personal grilling unit. Sure, it might only cook one hotdog at a time, but who really wants to share delicious grilled meats? 

The tin can transformation is pretty simple. Cut a can in half, attach some longer screws as the legs of the grill, and put the halves back together with a hinge. The video walks any interested builder through the project, showing how the grill can be customized. In theory, this fun project could be upscaled to a larger soup can or coffee can as well. 

Via: Mr Useful

Transform an Average Tin Can into a Cute Mini Barbecue Grill