Transforming a Regular Old Drill into a Fruit Cutting Machine

With a little creativity and the right tools you can easily turn an ordinary drill into a fruit cutting machine.

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What would you with an old drill? Recycle it? Throw it away? What if you could turn it into a fruit cutting machine? This is no easy task, as this video shows, and requires many tools but it can happen.

First, you must create a bunch of circular wooden pieces with a hole in the middle. Second, you put them all in a row along a long metal rod. Then you create a sturdy rectangular tool to hold the metal rod elevated. This is where the drill comes in. You put the end of the metal rod in the drill so it can spin it.

Along the metal rod that is now filled with circular wooden pieces, you create small holes in the wooden pieces. These holes will be filled with nails that will be used to cut the fruit pieces as the rod turns. You must insert the nails along the rod's holes.


Next, create a triangular base that has the rod at the bottom and a big empty space at the top. This big empty space is where you pour in the fruit. Now you put this device over a bucket so the cut-up fruit can fall through, and it is complete.

With a little time, imagination, and the right tools, you have created a fruit cutting machine from an ordinary drill.



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