Traveler Builds Tiny House and Mounts It on Isuzu Truck

This solar-powered tiny house is mounted on the back of a brand new truck.
Derya Ozdemir

The pandemic might have killed your dreams of traveling; however, that isn't to say that you can't enjoy beautiful sceneries with the commentary of gracious people. In this video, a solo female traveler named Jude talks about the off-the-grid tiny house she built on a truck while taking you on a journey to the remote and beautiful areas of New Zealand.

The tiny house, which is solar-powered and mounted on the back of a brand new truck, is perfectly designed to be a house will of comfort on the move. Taking the idea of a trailer to the next level, she tells that the idea came to him after living on the road in campers for many years. She didn't like living in other people's designs and would get occasionally cold in the winter, so she decided to design her own tiny house which gave her freedom to travel worry-free once she mounted on the back of a truck.

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Jude explains that her tiny, off-the-grid house has all you'd ever need in a regular home; however, it comes with a huge benefit the normal thing doesn't have: wheels. In this video, you can watch Jude, who is a delightful woman with a kind attitude, explain the process of building the whole thing. Enjoy!

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