This Tricked Out Bumper Car Just Became the World's Fastest

Shelby Rogers

YouTube sensation and 'everyday engineer' Colin Furze completed some crazy antics on his channel. He's made a hovercraft, the world's fastest mobility scooter, and even a giant AT-ACT from Star Wars. So when Top Gear approached Furze with a challenge, he couldn't refuse. He especially couldn't say no when BBC tossed in The Stig for testing purposes. The Top Gear team wanted Furze to build the world's fastest bumper car.

Normally, bumper cars max out at 8 mph (roughly 13 kph). Furze already started at a disadvantage with his 1960s style model bumper car (or dodge 'em, if you're from the U.K.). However, Furze managed to install a pretty sizeable engine after removing the concrete weights fixed to the frame. He then decided on a 100 horsepower, four-cylinder sports bike engine to please The Stig's need for speed.

And of course, Furze documented the entire process. You can watch part one of the project here. He reimagines and redesigns a more efficient frame while still maintaining the classic bumper car face. He also installs the engine during part one. During part two, Furze tightens up the chassis, engine configuration, and body.

Furze wasn't just trying to impress The Stig; he also looked to set a new Guinness World Record for the world's fastest bumper car. The record prior to his attempt was 100 mph (161 kph). Furze's 600 cc, 100bhp engine brought the bumper car to victory, but how did it do? Watch the video to find out!