Trippy Cyberpunk Short Shows Russian Farm Life with a Twist

No spoilers, but this Russian cyberpunk farm is truly out of this world.

In the perfectly balanced mix of contemporary Russian rural life and cyberpunk technology, a previously unheard-of YouTube channel birchpunk has taken the internet scene by a storm with their most recent video receiving almost three million views on YouTube in less than two days. Watch the video, and you'll understand why.

Written and directed by Sergey Vasiliev, the video, as the description suggests, was shot after he was fed up with the old "in Soviet Russia" trope which represents Russia as a "technically backward country." This short film was filmed to show it is far from that with brilliant cameos from hoverpad cars, nuclear-powered tractors, fractal cucumbers, and a black hole. 

The short is narrated in a mixture of Russian and English and shows an unconventional Russian farm where everything is running on the latest tech, and mixes cyberpunk aesthetics with the classic Russian spirit. With a good sprinkle of humor and creatively designed androids, this video offers quite an entertaining watch; moreover, comes with a cleverly designed plot twist. So make you sure don't miss it!

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