Watch This Turbo Diesel Go-Kart Do a High-Speed Run

It also has a torque converter setup mounted on top of its 10-horsepower Kohler diesel engine.

If you're aware of the Warped Perception channel on YouTube, you must definitely remember the video where the engineer behind the channel strapped an RC jet engine to his go-kart, gassed it up with jet fuel, and took it to incredible speeds through a parking lot in a pretty wild video. 

Now, in this video, he gives his turbo-diesel go-kart a second shot at life by taking it on a high-speed run. This time, ​though, he attaches a torque converter setup to the 10-horsepower Kohler diesel engine. In the description box, he states that while the top speed was "decent," the torque was "out of this world" and that riding the vehicle was so much fun. We can only imagine!

The video promises interesting content with an educational component and an element of fun. So, if you're curious to see the turbo-diesel go-kart in action, make sure you watch the video embedded above.

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