TOGG Explained Its Sustainability With Digital Art

The first Turkish domestic and national vehicle TOGG was showcased at CES 2023 with a surprise experience.
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With electronic vehicles on the rise, manufacturing companies all around the world aim to bring their versions to the market, highlighting new features and trademarks. The Consumer Electronics Show 2023 welcomed the Turkish auto company TOGG, as they teased and presented Beyond X, making them Turkey’s first electric car manufacturer. 

The annual CES is the perfect event for tech ventures and startups to introduce their inventions and brands alongside big names releasing new information about upcoming developments. This event features innovations in technology from robots, gadgets, and even developments in transportation and mobility, which include electronic vehicles. The 2023 CES just so happens to be a great opportunity to introduce Beyond X to the global audience. 

Interesting Engineering was able to speak with TOGG’s CEO, Mehmet Gürcan Karakaş and he explained that the event was for their company to show their competencies when it comes to the future of mobility. He emphasized that TOGG as a car manufacturer doesn’t view cars as just cars, but they do see TOGG as a smart device and something more. 

The Beyond X presentation at the event offered visitors a different experience in mobility by stimulating their senses. With the event composed of both technology enthusiasts and consumers, checking out this new brand of electronic vehicle is a great way to introduce the company to the public. 

According to Gürcan, the Beyond X concept would offer people a combination of digital and physical Experiences to give a glimpse of what they have to offer in the future. 

The whole TOGG experience at the event brings the concept of getting together as envisioned at the TOGG Digital Mobility Garden. Aside from the Beyond X electric car as the highlight and introduction to the company’s mobility journey, their showcase also featured technologies they are developing such as Trumore, Trugo, and Self.Ai. All of these are aimed to create a future of mobility where the heart, mind, human, technology, art, and science are connected.

The tease of Beyond X and other inventions under TOGG at the CES2023 will have people looking out for updates in the future as there is much more to know about these things, especially about their EV. They did great in igniting curiosity about the company while showing the people what they have in store. For now, consumers will be needing to wait for updates regarding its development, features, and release plans. 

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