Turning a Nokia 3310 Into a Hammer

The Nokia 3310 is so heavy that this guy just turned into a hammer.
Loukia Papadopoulos

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The Nokia 3310 is a heavy sturdy phone. But did you know it was heavy enough to become a hammer? 

In this video, a guy uses expert tools to turn a Nokia 3310 into a hammer. It might sound like an odd project but it sure is fun to watch.

He began by taking four metal rods and bending them so that they take the shape of the phone. He then melted them onto another metal piece that will go at the top of the phone.

He inserted the phone into this new creation that serves as a phone frame and cut the metal rods where the phone ends. He also cut any little pieces sticking out from the melted metal.

He then took a round piece of metal and bent it to make it oval. He melted the oval piece onto the phone frame. He took another piece of metal that fits at the end of the frame.

He melted the piece onto the frame and cut out again any protruding pieces. He inserted the phone in the now complete frame. He then had the top of the hammer.