Turning an Abandoned, Broken down Minivan into the Coolest Ride Ever

This YouTuber built a fancy minivan out of an old, abandoned one.
Nursah Ergü

You know the legendary MTV show Pimp My Ride, right? Presented by the rapper Xzibit, where they turned broken down, junk cars into monstrous machines with the coolest gadgets. 

Unfortunately, this cool show ended in 2007, but what if we tell you that "Pimp My Ride" is kind of back?

This YouTuber bought an abandoned minivan for $850 and then he rebuilt it in 2 days.; and he's actually turning an old, ugly minivan into one of the coolest minivans in the whole world. 

At the end of the video, you can see the difference between the first and the last versions of the car.

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This minivan has everything in it that can make you comfortable and would make it the best ride of your life. Do you remember the ride that you enjoyed the most in your life? Forget about it, because this minivan will change the game.

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