Here's how Saudi Arabia is turning its huge desert into arable land

The oil-rich country has a network of farmlands where agriculture actually thrives.
Derya Ozdemir

Did you know that Saudi Arabia is adorned with a network of farmlands where agriculture flourishes and allows farmers to harvest a wide variety of different fruits? In the blazing heat of the desert, it is unquestionably an extraordinary sight! Moreover, the majority of the farmlands are shaped like circles for unusual reasons...

According to a video by the YouTube channel Tech Space, the nation possesses an arable land area that is 35,000 square kilometers in size, making it larger than the Netherlands and more than three times the size of Qatar. However, in the beginning of the sixties, it possessed a total of just 400 square kilometers of arable land. This raises the question of how they were able to increase the amount of arable land in such a short amount of time.