TV Host Almost Decapitated When Performing Live Science Experiment with Coke and Liquid Nitrogen

An Australian TV host narrowly missed injuring herself after a live science segment went wrong.
Jessica Miley

An Australian TV host has almost decapitated herself during a live science segment on morning TV. The Studio 10 host, Natarsha Belling was presenting during a ‘live science’ segment of the show when the ‘scientist’ in charge offered her the chance to take part in the ‘experiment’ that involved mixing coke and liquid nitrogen together. The host, who admits they weren’t really watching the previous attempts at the experiment drops the bottle at its crucial moment causing it to propel past her head only just missing her. Looking absolutely frazzled after the incident, she reportedly told her co-workers that she couldn’t hear out of her right ear.

Mixing coke with liquid nitrogen is a popular way to make an impressive low-fi ‘rocket’. When the cooled nitrogen is mixed with the warmer carbonated soft drink it expands rapidly casing it to propel the bottle into the air at a cracking speed. The stunt was part of a segment promoting science writer Jacob Strickling's latest book. Strickling is a former science teacher who has amassed a large social media following his YouTube videos where he demonstrates easy to follow science experiments to do at home. The TV segment was already looking pretty mismanaged before Strickling offers Belling the chance to take part. The host asks 'Are these safe to do at home?' before the science author answers “How about you have a go? You've just seen me do it twice without being injured.” Moments later the host was feeling grateful she still had a face.

Via: Brick Nuce

TV Host Almost Decapitated When Performing Live Science Experiment with Coke and Liquid Nitrogen


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