Two Great Tricks for Removing Stubborn or Stuck on Bolts

By using common workshop tools you can easily and safely get stubborn or stuck on bolts removed.
Jessica Miley

Stubborn or broken bolts can be a real headache when doing DIY projects. Davin Reckow from YouTube channel Hagerty demonstrates two ways to remove stuck on bolts. 

To demonstrate Reckow has two aluminum timing covers with bolts stuck in them. The first bolt is standing out proudly from the aluminum and the other almost flush. 

To remove the proud bolt Reckow heats the aluminum around the bolt with an oxy-acetylene torch. He takes great care not to heat the metal too much as it can bubble. 

Aluminum doesn’t give a visual indicator like steel does as it heats red hot so patience is needed or you will damage the aluminum. Once the casing is hot, the bolt can be carefully manipulated with a set of vice grips until it is free, then it is simply unscrewed. 

The second bolt is a little more tricky. In this case, Reckow welds a nut onto the bolt using a MIG welder. The welding process will heat the aluminum so it expands allowing the bolt with its new nut to be unscrewed. 

There is no risk of accidentally welding the nut to the casing as the MIG won’t attach to the aluminum. If you don’t have a welder Reckow encourages his viewers to take their stuck on pieces to a local weld shop who should be able to do the job for you. 

If you do attempt to weld yourself, please follow all the recommended safety procedures.