Two Guys Build an Amazing Swimming Pool Without Using Any Modern Tools

This amazing homemade pool took two weeks to make without the help from modern technology.

As summer kicks in many places around the world, lots of us dream about having our own private pool to cool down in. For these two enterprising men, that dream became a reality. 

The two ingenious DIYers are seen initially emerging from an underground house before they start to dig at the ground around them with primitive tools. After some time, they manage to dig a large moat around the house. 

All good pools need tiles, and this one is no exception. The men make the pool tiles using mud collected from a local river, mixed with sand. The tiles are formed into their shape with a basic frame and then cured over a fire. Once complete, the tiles are stacked and adhered to the moat walls using more river mud, creating a hard waterproof shell. 

Up next is the construction of a little bridge that connects the mainland to the house at the center of the moat. It is made from two arched branch supports and smaller sticks to form an endearing connection.

Finally, the pool is painstakingly filled by hand using small clay vessels. Eventually, the pool is full and it’s time to swim! According to the video's description, it took two weeks to build the pool.

No modern tools were used, just simple primitive equipment and a lot of hard work. A swim in a pool you built yourself must be so satisfying.

Via: Primitive Survival Tool

Two Guys Build an Amazing Swimming Pool Without Using Any Modern Tools 

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