Many rockets changed the world. But some failed to look cool

These are the ugly ducklings of the space world.
Derya Ozdemir

Some rockets look like Elon Musk's notorious Starship, while some others are outright abominations. There's a reason we came up with the expression "It's not rocket science." Building a rocket is not an easy job, so engineers can't ever put form over function. As a result, some rockets have earned the reputation of being rather eyesores.

In this video, YouTuber Scott Manley, who is known for his detailed aerospace videos, explains how he has seen his fair share of rockets over the years, with some of them sticking out just because they are awful. Designing an ugly rocket is "not an easy thing to do when the laws of physics demands clean aerodynamic lines and and constrains your aesthetics," he explains in the video description. If you want to see these rockets or are just a fan of all things space, make sure you watch the video embedded above and, as always, enjoy!

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