It's Unbelievable How Fast This Shopkeeper Can Type Numbers

Kathleen Villaluz

The world may seem to be such a modern place nowadays with all the high-tech and futuristic gadgets, but not everything has kept up with the fast-paced advancements of our civilization. Some people has chosen to stick to the vintage way of living - just take this shopkeeper for instance. This man has been doing this method of stock-keeping for 30 years now, and even though sophisticated gadgets are now available to automatically do this job, for him, nothing has changed.

The YouTuber who uploaded this video said that he had watched the video in slow motion and calculated that the store keeper can type around 80 words per minute. But the data he is entering are just number figures so it could be faster than that. He has become an exhibit in the store as people who came into the shop would stop between aisles and watch him fiddle with the vintage machine with their jaw dropped. It's also amazing how he's typing ultrafast without looking at the device. I mean, we have all been accustomed to type on a standard keyboard and have gotten so used to it that we can sometimes type away without having to look. But some other times, we would glance down just to check if we're about to hit the right keypad. This shopkeeper though doesn't even flinch for a second as he casually taps on his device at a breathtaking rate.