Understanding How Researchers Go From Animal Testing to Clinical Trials

Though controversial animal testing poses a long list of benefits for the perfecting of both medicals treatments and medicine.
Donovan Alexander

Animal testing in the realm of medicine is a controversial topic, to say the least. Nevertheless, when done ethically and effectively animal testing could save lives, opening the doors to better treatments and medicine to combat some of the world's leading health challenges.

However, the process of going from an animal model to a full clinical trial is no easy feat and requires countless hours as well as tedious testing to carry on to humans. The minds behind the popular Youtube channel the SciShow have broken down the steps and requirements needed to properly move animal testing to humans. 

In the video, the SciShow breaks down the importance and added value of testing the new treatment in other animals. In short, new treatments in other animals can help us spot complications or potential pitfalls. However, it goes much deeper than that. We use animals in testing to advance scientific understanding, as models to study disease, to develop and test potential forms of treatment, and to protect the safety of people, animals, and the environment. 

Without giving away to many spoilers, the video further breaks down why scientists use certain animals to conduct research, like rats vs using other animals like primates. Be sure to stop by the SciShow for more informative videos. 

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