Underwater Explorer with Metal Detector Finds Working iPhone, Returns It to Its Owner

This curious diver uses his metal detector to unearth lots of incredible treasures including working iPhones.
Jessica Miley

This intrepid explorer takes his GoPro and metal detector on adventures underwater looking for treasure. In his latest dive underneath a waterfall at a popular swimming hole he finds coins, a knife, sunglasses, and a working iPhone 6s PLUS. Documenting his adventures on YouTube under the name Man + River, this passionate diver takes us on a journey. It seems the phone was dropped during a day out but was miraculously kept dry by being in its dry bag pouch. By removing the sim and finding the phone number of its owner, the YouTuber was able to contact the iPhone owner and return the phone. In exchange for the good deed, he was invited out to lunch. 

While not every dive turns up a working iPhone, it is staggering that there are several videos where is able to find phones, some still in good working order, in almost every case he is able to find the owner and return their phone. In other videos, he finds working GoPros along with multitudes of cheap sunglasses.

Following the adventures of this curious underwater explorer will reward you with many weird and wacky treasure troves as well as stunning footage of life under the lakes and rivers he explores. There are a bunch of similar channels out there that show just what can be unearthed by a metal detector, whether you are on land or under the waves.