Unique Processing Machines That Make Your Food

How do you think your food is made? Here's the answer.
Loukia Papadopoulos

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Do you know how today’s food is made? Do you imagine a cook in a kitchen working hard? Well, today’s food-making processes may look very different as many of them are automated. Yes, indeed it is robots and machines that make many of today’s favorite food items. In this video, we bring you a collection of these robots and machines and we dare you not to be impressed by the speed and the agility with which they make your food.

There’s the Pretzel Making Machine, an award-winning machine that revolutionized the world of baking; one industrial unit can produce 20,000 pretzels per hour. The Unifiller Cake Finishing Machine is an all-in-one cake decorator. Icing and decorations are done automatically.

The Tofu Production Line is where beans are soaked, ground, mixed, and pressed. Eventually, they are sliced and packed. Finally, the Sogflini Pasta portioners are robots that make colorful artisan pasta. They can even create a variety of shapes and sizes.

Have these machines piqued your curiosity yet? Then, we have plenty more in our video. If watching them work makes you hungry, get something to eat. Just remember it may not have been made the way you expected!

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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