Unique Sustainable Products You Have to See to Believe

These ingenious products are slowly but surely helping save our planet.
Loukia Papadopoulos

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The planet needs help there's no doubt about it. From polluted oceans to the introduction of microplastics everywhere, we can't deny we are in trouble. But some people are doing something about it!

Indeed, some inventors have come up with unique and original ideas for products that can contribute to saving our planet. In this video, we showcase several of those products to entertain and educate you. After all, after watching this video you may decide to purchase some of these products and make a difference.

There are shipping container pools that are essentially pools made from recycled containers because the first R is reuse. There's EnviGreen, a company that produces edible 'plastic' bags that just vanish instead of living for years and polluting our oceans and lands.

Speaking of plastic waste, there's a plastic bottle cutter that turns plastic waste into reusable efficient strips. There's Idenergie, a portable turbine that provides clean energy 24/7. Skipping Rocks Labs provide sustainable packaging you can eat. Yummy and green! Finally, Adam Lindquist's Seabin is a hole that removes garbage from the water.

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These are but a few of the products that you will see in the video in action. If you think they are exciting, just wait till you see the rest!

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