Unique Volkswagen Beetle Camping Trailer Found and Restored

An extremely rare Beetle with a tow-trailer was observed in the wild and it is a work of art.
Derya Ozdemir

There are some gems out there that seeing one would give the Lochness Monster a run for its money, and for Volkswagen Beetle geeks out there, the Beetle towing a camper via a roof-mounted gooseneck hitch is the epitome of that.

A video showing the golden beauty has been circulating around on the internet; however, seeing one on the streets is almost impossible. However, recently, much to our eyes' delight, one of them has been found and restored.

First surfaced in Car and Track

It first surfaced in a TV show called Car and Track some years ago, which you can check out from here.

This 1974 trailer was built by a company called International Travel Trailer, the model being El Chico. It was intended to be used with the small cars of those ages, such as Beetles and Pintos. The number of them built is unknown; however, thanks to the power of the internet, everyone can enjoy this one discovered in Colorado. 

Fully restored with a 1971 Super Beetle in tow

YouTube channel Volkswear has shared a fully restored trailer paired with a yellow 1971 Super Beetle. 

The description read, "A couple of years ago, we found an El Chico Gooseneck trailer that was manufactured by International Travel Trailer Inc. Since then, many people have asked us what we did with it."

"We were asked about the hitch and if we had any interior videos or photos. Shortly after we bought it, we sold our trailer to Oklahoma Bugs, but about 2 years ago, another trailer surfaced in Colorado fully restored with a matching VW Bug tow vehicle."

"This past weekend, we traveled to Colorado to see this trailer in person and get you guys some more video of this restored Gooseneck Trailer."

Well, we can only say thank you. The full video shows its eye-catching interior, kitchen, bathroom, and more. It's incredibly cool, and this is such a great restoration of a very unique vehicle.

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