Up Close and Personal With 3D Printed Rockets That'll Actually Go to Space

This video lets you see the largest 3D metal printer and a 3D printed rocket that will actually go to space.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Did you know you can actually 3D print rockets? That's what startup Relativity Space aims to do.

The firm has the largest 3D metal printer in the world and it's aiming to use it to print entire rockets including fuel tanks and rocket engines in just sixty days. YouTuber Veritasium goes to take a visit to the startup's headquarters and see these 3D printed rockets up close and personal.

"3D printed rockets save on up front tooling, enable rapid iteration, decrease part count, and facilitate radically new designs," writes Veritasium in his YouTube description.

The intrepid YouTuber is actually quite excited to look inside a 3D printed rocket that will "actually" go to space. He gets a complete tour of the startup's headquarters and finds out all there is to know about 3D printing rockets.

What does he find out? How do the rockets look up close? How are they built and with what materials? What are the safety measures taken by the firm to ensure no accidents occur in space? How can something 3D printed actually be sturdy enough for space travel? The video answers all these questions and more so make sure not to miss it!

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