Upcycling at Its Best: Turning an Old Milk Bottle into Kitchen Materials

Watch as this crafty YouTuber sifts through his garbage and picks out a piece to create a useful kitchen tools.
Fabienne Lang

Crafty and useful, this video shows you how simple it is to turn an old milk bottle into a usable and functional breadknife, and bowl.

Most people in the Western world recycle or at least try to, and if you rummage through your recycling bins or bags, you'll surely find something to reuse. In this case, it's a milk bottle. 

How do you turn a milk bottle into a breadknife or a bowl?

First, you have to melt it.

One thing's for sure, don't attempt to do it in the oven, you'll just end up with a big blob of melted plastic, useless in this instance as the video maker discovered. 

A toastie machine works just a treat! Slowly melting it layer after layer, you end up with a very solid and strong piece of plastic. You can even melt the blue bottle caps into it to add some fun coloring patterns. 

Next up, cut out the shape of the breadknife on a piece of paper and place it over the big piece of plastic (which by now, is fully dry and hard). 

Then, if you have a Bandsaw lying around this part becomes a lot easier. Otherwise, some form of smooth cutting machine will do the trick. Watch the video for a funny moment between the video creator and the Bandsaw.

Finally, file it down to make the handle and surfaces smooth, and to make the knife ridges sharp.

For the bowl, you follow the same concept, except instead of using the Bandsaw, you firmly place it between two bowls and let it solidify. 

Easy as drinking milk!

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