Upgraded vs. Non-Upgraded, This Video Shows Which Tesla Is Faster

This curious user tested the new Tesla software update that allegedly increases performance by 5%.

Tesla had announced that they will provide a firmware update on October 25, and the update is finally here. The new upgrade is aimed at helping the Model S, Model X and Model 3 deliver about 5% more performance.

Recently, Tesla was accused of using restrictions to avoid making a battery recall on Model S, and lowering the Model 3’s range. Therefore, it makes you wonder: Does the new upgrade carry out what it claims to do? It appears that a group of friends on Youtube were curious about the same thing as well.

Two friends with Model 3’s test the new upgrade by racing their cars: the upgraded Model 3 vs the non-upgraded one! The user states that they’ve raced their cars a bunch of times before, and they’ve always been "exactly even."

The conditions of the race are exactly the same: both cars are charged to 190 miles left on the battery and have the same exact psi in the tires with both front windows down. 

The three races prove that Tesla not only asserts but also delivers. The non-upgraded Tesla licks the dust, and the upgraded one wins with a score of 3-0. While this customer test is nowhere near scientific, the performance upgrade is perfectly visible. It can be said that Tesla has passed the test this time, and the upgraded Model 3 really does knock the wind out of you! 

What did you think about the test? Do you think that it could have been done better? Share your thoughts down below.

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