US Army Wants To Build Vibration-Free Military Helicopters

Watch U.S. Army researchers looking for ways to reduce helicopter vibration.

Did you know that reducing onboard vibration for helicopter pilots and other occupants was a real issue? Helicopters have constantly moving parts creating intense vibrations that can be difficult to deal with from time to time.

In this video, several experts explain a future where military helicopters are vibration-free by imagining a helicopter where the pilot and the occupants don't feel any vibration. As of now, this technology is probably some years away; however, per the video's description, U.S. Army technology is steadily moving researchers closer to that goal. 

The U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command, now known as DEVCOM, Army Research Laboratory and its Multi-Degree of Freedom system are conducting basic research to understand the engineering that is needed better.

Dr. Asha Hall, mechanics division chief who oversees this work states: "The discoveries we realize from this laboratory will help the Army understand how to mitigate vibration, and will allow us to influence the development of components that last longer and cost less to maintain.

"The potential impact on the warfighter is tremendous; by reducing vibration, we can help Soldiers overcome issues associated with fatigue, and we can increase their comfort. This contributes to Soldier readiness, and results in a Soldier who’s much more effective in the conflict zone."

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