Use These Household Items to Keep Your Laptop Cool

Laptops can get hot from long periods of use. Keep your laptop cool and efficient with this DIY external laptop fan project.
Jessica Miley

Laptops can often get hot if you are working on them for long periods of time. Some have built-in cooling fans, but others just don’t. Working at a laptop that feels like it's slowly burning your arm hairs off can be very uncomfortable not to mention slightly dangerous. To fix the problem you could clean your laptop's internal fans, avoid intense processes or you could make your laptop a DIY cooling stand.

YouTuber Wonders has done just that using some really simple materials and a little bit of sticky tape. You’ll need an old CPU fan or similar, a USB cable and some kind of plastic sieve. The CPU fan will have four wires once you strip it and the USB cable, just two. Watch carefully to see what you need to match up to get the fan working. Once you have that, you just need to attach it to the underside of your sieve or other perforated material. It looks like Wonders used a sort of basic kitchen colander. They attach the fan to the internal side, site their laptop on top, plug in the USB cable and the laptop is officially getting cool.

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The external fan should, in theory, cool the laptop down making it more efficient and more comfortable to work at. Once you have the basic process down, you could take this hack a long way. If you enjoy working from bed or the couch it might be great to combine a lapdesk with this fan to avoid getting hot legs.

Via: Wonders

Use These Household Items to Keep Your Laptop Cool 

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