Using Lego as a Paper Shredder, Learn How to Build Your Own

Legos are great fun to play with as kids. As adults you can also find useful ways of using them.
Fabienne Lang

What happens when you place a piece of paper among a bunch of Lego gears altogether and use a battery pack to rotate the gears? A paper shredder, of course. 

As children, we used Legos as a game, creating miniature worlds where our Lego men could 'roam' around, ride in Lego cars, and dine in their Lego houses.

As grown-ups, even though Legos are still socially acceptable to own, they're no longer used in quite the same manner. 

We now create real-life-sized versions of cars, buildings, or humans with Legos. They're impressive. But, now, Legos can be put to the test and maybe even become desk assistants.

In offices, it's quite reasonable to have a paper shredder. These are usually printer-sized machines, which you pass your confidential papers through and they end up being shredded into tiny pieces. 

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Now, imagine a miniature-sized paper shredder that could rip up your fortune cookie paper, for example, and it's entirely made up of Lego gears. This video does just that. The creator tries several different combinations, most of them just crumple the paper up, but in the end, quite astonishingly, the paper ends up entirely shredded. 

Have a look. Maybe your desk will end up having a Lego paper shredder soon.

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