This Video Explains the Theory of Time Dilation in Just 2 Minutes!

Kathleen Villaluz

Time is one of the most covered and prominent topics in the field of physics. And even in our regular everyday life, this ticking dimension also dictates the way we live. Time is always considered with space in a single idea called the space-time continuum, which is a 4-dimensional mathematical model. This video here attempts to explain how people see time in different perceptions and its relationship with movement and acceleration. The theory of time dilation explained in this video lays out the ground for understanding the complex theory of the twins paradox.

The idea that time passes slower the more you're moving is called time dilation and has been empirically proven through countless experiments. Two people can have different perceptions of time based on how fast they are moving. When speed is changed it rotates the direction of time along with it. And the rotation of time doesn't just affect its passage, it also affects our notion of "the same time". This is where the Twins Paradox is rooted and first made its appearance in Albert Einstein's famous paper on special relativity in 1905. This video explains the concept of time dilation in just 2 minutes! Understanding the theory of time dilation will open up a whole new world for you to delve into other complex theoretical physics topics like the possibility of time travel.

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