Video Explores Why Taking Mushrooms Bought off the Dark Web Isn't a Good Idea

Never consume anything that smells like almonds that isn't almonds.
Loukia Papadopoulos

If there are two things you want to avoid in life if you're not an expert, it's mushrooms and the dark web. But if you haven't already been put off by these two activities, here is a tale that will definitely make you reconsider trying either one.

The video follows the story of a 24-year-old man simply called GB that decided to surf the dark web. If you aren't familiar with the dark web, it's a part of the internet that is completely anonymous and is mostly used for shady and sometimes dangerous activities.

GB landed on a website that sold luxury cucumbers only for the famous. He then thought: if you can purchase luxury cucumbers, why not buy magic mushrooms from the dark web?

GB had plenty of experience with recreational drugs as he used to self medicate with psychedelics. He believed he had undiagnosed depression and would drop acid to feel better.

Taking mushrooms was just the logical next step for him. However, when he got his delivery of the mushrooms he noticed that something was strange. They looked discolored and had a weird smell.

Still, this did not stop him though as he continued to microdose them. What happened next is both very shocking and sad. Watch the video to find out the rest.

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