Video Ranks World's Most Powerful Engines on Land, at Sea, in Space

Have you heard of the General Electric GE9X?

Engines! They power everything from boats to aircraft, and they need to be quite powerful to do so. But what are the world's most powerful engines really like?

In this video, YouTuber Simon Whistler shares with us these beasts of engineering. He reveals crucial information about each engine.

For instance, did you know that the General Electric GE9X, the world's current most powerful jet engine, features a 16 bladed composite fan? It's designed to be used on Boeing's triple 7X aircraft and, as Whistler puts it, it is a "monster."

It's not being used yet though. Sources claim it won't take flight at least until 2022, but when it does, it will be quite exciting. When it finally takes flight, it will be the largest twin-engine aircraft ever built.

It will also be 10 percent more fuel-efficient. Now that's exciting!

The new engine has also been produced using some 3D printing which shows just how futuristic it is. These are some of the great details Whistler describes about each engine as he covers all the world's most powerful engines including those made for boats and shuttles.

Want to know more about these monsters of the land, sea, and space? Don't miss this video.

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