Video Shows How Romans Built 53-Mile-Long Aqueduct of Gades

This is how Romans engineered the longest aqueduct in the Iberian peninsula.

3D recreations of historic constructions are always attention-grabbing in the way that they are information-packed videos that are bound to widen your horizons. If you're an engineer or an engineer-to-be who enjoys such videos, today is your lucky day. 

This video by YouTube channel Aqva Dvcta shows the recreation of the famed 1st century AD Roman aqueduct of Gades (Cádiz), which is an ancient marvel of engineering that stretched over a distance of 51 miles (83 km). It was reportedly the longest in the Iberian peninsula and one of the largest in the Roman world, according to The aqueduct was needed due to the growing population of the city and helped with the industry of goods. 

The colorful and impressively done animation shows the different construction elements and how they worked. It is especially a great watch if you're interested in Roman engineering and the techniques that were deployed in this heritage and many others. If the video doesn't settle your hunger for old engineering techniques, this animation which shows how bridges were built in the 14th century definitely will.

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