Video Shows How Things Would Look if a Second Lasted an Hour

At this rate, a minute would last two and a half days,
Loukia Papadopoulos

We won't lie. We love The Slow Mo Guys and everything they produce from a bullet being shot underwater to a glass of wine shattering through sound.

Now, they have brought us a new and enticing experiment which consists of filming things so slowly that a second lasts an hour. "Gav shows you the tranquil results of stretching every second to be an hour-long," writes the video description and it's so very true.

From watching someone fall into a pool to seeing water come out of a faucet, this extreme slow motion makes everything seem eery and dreamy. "At this speed, a minute would last two and a half days, an hour would last about five months, a day would come in at just under a decade at nine years and 10 months, a month would last around three centuries and a year would be about 3957 years," explains Gav while playing the footage.