Video Shows How Things Would Look if a Second Lasted an Hour

At this rate, a minute would last two and a half days,
Loukia Papadopoulos

We won't lie. We love The Slow Mo Guys and everything they produce from a bullet being shot underwater to a glass of wine shattering through sound.

Now, they have brought us a new and enticing experiment which consists of filming things so slowly that a second lasts an hour. "Gav shows you the tranquil results of stretching every second to be an hour-long," writes the video description and it's so very true.

From watching someone fall into a pool to seeing water come out of a faucet, this extreme slow motion makes everything seem eery and dreamy. "At this speed, a minute would last two and a half days, an hour would last about five months, a day would come in at just under a decade at nine years and 10 months, a month would last around three centuries and a year would be about 3957 years," explains Gav while playing the footage.

Perhaps the most impressive slow-motion footage comes from the guy falling in the water. He seems so steady and still, just simply tilted to the side. As he falls in the waves slowly mount around him hiding him from plain sight in what seems almost like a perfectly choreographed dance. This is a video not to be missed. 

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