Visionary YouTuber Built Unground Apocalyptic Bunker in His Backyard 5 Years Ago

It is the ultimate man cave and survival cell rolled up into one, completely hidden under his backyard.

Coronavirus might have come as a surprise to everyone; however, YouTuber Colin Furze has been preparing for self-isolation since 2015 by building a bunker in his backyard.

This is not to say that you need a bunker to protect yourself, simply distancing yourself from the public will suffice. However, having a second option hiding under your backyard that you can go to instead of being captived in your house is actually very cool.

Furze built the steel bunker in Lincolnshire in 2015, and it is absolutely amazing. He has also been featuring his cool bunker in most of his videos. 

The bunker has everything from microwaves and dried food to a generator for electricity and gaming consoles. He even has a drum kit that he can play with, and of course, a gas mask is one of the essentials too. Now we know who’d survive a possible zombie apocalypse or alien abduction. Or more likely, a nuclear war.

To be honest, one could spend a lifetime in there. While after watching Parasite, this kind of bunkers might give you the creeps but it is still incredibly impressive.

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