Creator Casey Neistat Gets Carried Around by Massive Drone in New Ad

Does anyone really know what Casey Neistat does for a living? The internet personality seems to be jumping from project to project after ending his popular vlogging exploits. His tech and app development company Beme recently signed on with CNN, and Samsung ads online show him teaching model Karlie Kloss how to use a 360 degree camera. Despite his rather ambiguous occupational title, no one can deny that the self-made man has some incredibly cool exploits.

Neistat's adventurous personality led him to partner with Samsung again, and the video doesn't disappoint (even if it is an ad). Samsung crafted a drone large enough to pull the YouTuber through snowy slopes, through city streets and even into the air. Neistat's red Santa Claus suit makes this all the more enjoyable.

Neistat certainly doesn't shy away from adventure. During his vlogs, he often filmed himself while maneuvering his electric skateboard through busy New York City streets. But the fact that Samsung tailored the drone to fit Neistat's creative needs is very impressive. Hey, Samsung, will you put these on the market anytime soon?

Via Casey Neistat


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