Volkswagen ID.7 - Sedan With A Digital Camouflage Look

At the CES in Las Vegas, VW will show the intelligence of the ID.701 in a quite special way.
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Volkswagen ID.701 is one of the most talked about automobile innovations at CES 2023, and you should definitely know why. 

This un-ignorable electric sedan comes with a digital camouflage look, that is meant to reveal and hide some of its intriguing features. 

The car is covered with QR codes that can be scanned and its exterior is divided into 22 different sections. What’s exciting is that — the color. Lighting and the look of all these sections can be changed as per the driver’s wish or to even match the beats played by the car’s sound system. 

This uncanny feature is made possible by 40 layers of paintwork and electroluminescence technology.

Apart from looks, ID.701 also promises to deliver great performance and comfort. Volkswagen claims that this heart-throbbing EV can go up to 700 km (434 miles) on a single charge. Plus, it comes with a 15-inch display that supports never-before-seen augmented reality-driven features.

As for the interior, the most comforting part of ID.7 is not its premium seats but its intelligent air-conditioning system that allows the car to adjust its internal temperature as per the environment you are about to enter. 

It is based on Volkswagen's powerful modular electric drive matrix (MEB) which has been seen in previously launched ID models. The reliability of MEB can be understood from the fact that until now, the company has sold over 500,000 cars based on this platform alone.

With its illuminated touch sliders, aerodynamic design, and state-of-the-art camouflage design, ID.7  is sure to attract many car enthusiasts. 

However, the car is still in the production phase and there is still some time before you can drive it and make other people jealous. 

The final model of this car is expected to be ready by the second quarter of 2023, and hopefully, by the end of 2023, we’ll be seeing Volkswagen ID.701 in our nearby car showrooms. It is one of the 10 promised EV releases from Volkswagen that are set to arrive on the market by 2026. 

The sneak preview of this eye-catching vehicle has already shaken the EV market. Its glowing colors and lights indeed have the potential to change the way we visualize cars in our minds.

Let’s hope we get to see more of ID.7 soon.   

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