A VW bus from 1959 performs better off-road than most new cars

Watching what this old vehicle can do off-road is a fun experience.
Loukia Papadopoulos

The VW bus is a rare and in-demand vehicle and over the years we have seen people do some pretty nifty things with it. There was the time Jeff Block engineered the van so that it would actually drive on its side making its windows on the left side sunroofs.

Then, there was the time YouTube video blogger Louis Cole from FunForLouis converted a vintage classic 50-year-old VW into an electric vehicle by using Tesla parts. As edgy, as what these guys did to their VWs was, they still did not risk damaging the vehicle.

This time, YouTuber Cali VWbus took a VW from 1959 and tinkered with it enough so it would run well just so he could take it offroading in snow and mud. The end result is a fun video that sees the car tackle some pretty rough terrain like a pro despite its advanced age and the fact that it was not designed for off-roading.