Walmart Now Has Robot Janitors Scrubbing Their Floors

The firm has ordered 360 autonomous Zamboni-style janitors that will start roaming and cleaning Walmart's aisles starting this January.

It seems the much-feared robot apocalypse may finally be here. Starting next year, it has been announced that hundreds of robot will now be scrubbing floors at Walmart stores nationwide.

The new Zamboni-style janitors will be roaming Walmart's aisles this January. The firm has ordered 360 of these autonomous cleaners.

Before you fear for safety, it should be noted the robotic janitors come equipped with yellow safety guards on both sides to deter any adventurous customers who might be tempted to hop on and take a ride. A siren also informs people of the robot's arrival.

The robots also have sensors that allow them to collect information that is then uploaded into a store’s cloud-based platform. In addition, Walmart is experimenting with other types of automation.

For example, shelf-scanning robots are now being tested in 50 locations to spot out of stock or incorrectly priced items. Meanwhile, robots called Alphabots retrieve items in storage filling online orders.

Brain Corp, the company responsible for these helper bots, believes its products help boost productivity allowing human staff to focus on higher value non-automated tasks such as serving customers. Robots are becoming ever more present in the workforce.

From elderly care to human resources, these robotic assistants are changing our world as we know. The development has gathered both excitement at the bots' abilities as well as worry about their risk as employment competition.

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