Watch the 22-Year Evolution of Windows in Just 90 Seconds

Jessica Miley

It doesn’t matter if you are firm Apple fan or a diehard Microsoft devotee. If you have ever even looked at a Windows-enabled device, you need to see this video outlining the evolution of the famous operating system.. The nostalgic and almost sentimental video takes us through the boot up screens of almost every iteration of the operating system. The video is complete with the memorable software sound effects and error messages.

The animator created extremely smooth transitions between screens and overlaid a banging soundtrack to create a very entertaining 90 seconds.

The very talented animator 4096's other videos are worth a look. We especially love Every Nintendo Console in One Video (1977-2017)

Windows is the graphical operating system developed and sold by Microsoft. Microsoft launched Windows on November 20, 1985. It went on to dominate the personal computing market overtaking the Mac OS system that had been launched a year earlier. Windows continues to be the most popular operating system for personal computers.

Microsoft was founded by Paul Allen and Bill Gates on April 4, 1975.  It is reported the company’s initial public offering in 1986 created three billionaires and more than 12, 000 millionaires among the Microsoft founders and employees. While originally a computer software company, in recent years the tech giant acquired several large corporations including Linkedin and Skype.