Watch as the 4-Decade-Old BMW Beat a Lamborghini in a Car Race

Kathleen Villaluz

How does a four-decade-old car model compete with a Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 Roadster in the racing world? Well, apparently automobile enthusiasts actually prefer the first generation of BMW's 3 series called the BMW E21 when it comes to racing. This racing video by demonstrates why. During the race, the two cars out-speed each other a few times but in the end, it's the BMW 323i E21 with 1,000 RWHP that beat the much latest Lamborghini sports model. The E21 managed to rev up immediately after it fell behind in the first few seconds of the race.

Considered as a classic, the BMW E21 was in production from 1975 until 1983 with over 1 million cars produced and sold during its era. However, more often than not, the E21 model is dubbed as the "unloved and forgotten middle child" as it was released in-between two legendary BMW models, the 02 series and the E30. The E21's disappearance from the motorsports world was also probably down to its mechanical reliability problems. But despite this, the E21 still remains as a vintage favorite as the features it was lacking was used as an asset rather than a liability. The E21 wasn't equipped with onboard service indicators like ABS and Oil Service warning lights and other service warning lights. A blogger from OppositeLock, Janx38, explained how this BMW first 3 series model was popular within the German auto world.

"German car magazines like Auto Motor Sport used it to test the quality of BMW dealerships. A typical test would go something like this: The Auto Motor Sports would "break" about ten to twelve things on the E21, then they would go to different BMW dealerships to test how skilled their mechanics were at diagnosing the broken parts. Using a car with an onboard service indicator would not have been a good idea because bringing in a car for service even though no service lights are illuminated would have been suspicious".

So, give the BMW E21 more appreciation should you see it cruising along roads on very rare occasions.