Watch a 1940's Milk Truck Show Off its Hot Rod Status

One car enthusiast turned a 1940's milk truck into a rusty hot rod sensation.
Donna Fuscaldo

cKLrUao9i9oA 1948 Dodge milk truck got a new life, with a car enthusiast transforming it into a hot rod of sorts, in this new video from Urban Hillbilly Videos. 

The rusty Ford milk truck hails from Holland, Indiana and is equipped with 34-inch Chevy front fingers and Ford rear fingers. It's cut 21 inches off the bottom, chopped on the top front by 9.5 inches and has a grill shell made out of pointy dodge front doors. The milk truck is powered by a Chevy motor. 

The owner had the truck for about three years, not really sure what to do with it. He told Urban Hillbilly Videos he had a vision in his head and when he was asked to compete in a car build in Arkansas this is what he did. "It's totally different. 'Aint another one out there," the owner said. 

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