Watch a 1940's Milk Truck Show Off its Hot Rod Status

One car enthusiast turned a 1940's milk truck into a rusty hot rod sensation.

cKLrUao9i9oA 1948 Dodge milk truck got a new life, with a car enthusiast transforming it into a hot rod of sorts, in this new video from Urban Hillbilly Videos. 

The rusty Ford milk truck hails from Holland, Indiana and is equipped with 34-inch Chevy front fingers and Ford rear fingers. It's cut 21 inches off the bottom, chopped on the top front by 9.5 inches and has a grill shell made out of pointy dodge front doors. The milk truck is powered by a Chevy motor. 

The owner had the truck for about three years, not really sure what to do with it. He told Urban Hillbilly Videos he had a vision in his head and when he was asked to compete in a car build in Arkansas this is what he did. "It's totally different. 'Aint another one out there," the owner said. 


Want to see for yourself this milk truck hotrod in action? 

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