Watch a Man Dig out a 100-Year-Old Basement With His Bare Hands

He transforms his basement by adding a gym, home theater, and golf simulator.

There is something therapeutic about watching a man dig out a 100-year-old basement by hand while a piece of overly chirpy music plays in the background. Poppa's Cottage channel presents a video of the transformation of his basement where he finished it all off by adding a gym, home theater, and golf simulator.

This is the ultimate do-it-yourself project for all DIYers out there. Or should we say dig-it-yourself? The video description states, "80,000+ pounds of dirt and concrete out, 30,000+ pounds of concrete back in." So this was not an easy job at all, yet watching it all come together from wherever you are sitting is always entertaining.

Also, seeing projects done by homeowners in a safe and professional manner is such a refreshing concept. Unsatisfied with his basement, he DIYs his way through it. In one memorable line, he says, "Our ceilings were a little low, so I added a golf course." What a solution!

Isn't this the perfect inspiration video for those that are waiting for a sign from the universe to start doing that construction work in their garage? Much like Poppa's Cottage, it's never too late to start building your mancave or womancave.

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