Watch a Mining Truck Being Carried to an Alpine Worksite

Remote worksites require sturdy solutions!
Derya Ozdemir

Getting enormous machinery to the place where they need to be can be a project on its own when the destination in question is far off lands. In this video by Axpo which was posted in 2017, you can see how the Swiss government dealt with transporting heavy equipment to mountaintop worksites after deciding to expand the nation's system of hydroelectric power infrastructure and have greater electricity generation and more energy storage in 2015.

The relatively new underground storage plant is meant to pump water from the Limmernsee reservoir back to the Muttsee reservoir, which is 2,066 feet (630 meters) higher.

The system they used enabled them to lift machinery in the air with cables and can hold as much as around 66,000 pounds (30 metric tons). You can see a part of the journey taking place as the sturdy cables tow a CAT 725 three-axle articulated truck up the mountain embedded in the video above. Enjoy! 

H/T The Drive

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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