Watch a Squidlet Resemble a Strange Floating Reindeer, Baffling Nautilus Scientists

Questions fill the Nautilus' chambers as researchers observe a bloated-looking squid with a funky hairstyle.

A lone transparent piglet squid has Nautilus team wondering aloud: "What are you?," and "What is that?"

Observations from scientists and a hilarious running commentary accompany the video, while they try to figure out what this little swimmer is. It's enough to keep you watching this short video over and over again. 

The piglet squid is aptly named after its snout-like siphon - resembling a pig's snout. However, this video's makers are more accurately describing it as a "bloated sea cucumber," or its tentacles resembling that of a "weird reindeer." "Look at those eyes," as the squidlet turns to directly face the team. 

The squid was caught on camera at the Palmyra Attoll, south of the Hawaiian islands, some 1,385 meters underwater. 

The Nautilus is an expedition that is exploring more remote and unknown sections of the oceans and offering live streamings of their underwater discoveries.

This video is one out of many - have a look yourselves to see what a little squid, named after a pig, with reindeer antlers and a bloated body looks like!

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