Watch a Wine Glass Shatter with Just Sound in Slow Motion

It's mesmerizing to watch the glass wobble at the frequency of the sound.
Loukia Papadopoulos

It's no secret we love The Slow Mo Guys. We have witnessed them shoot in slow motion everything from bullets underwater to a liquid mirror.

Their videos are always entertaining and sometimes educational. Now, they are back with another edition of their show where they shatter a wine glass using nothing but sound.

"Gav plays a wine glass's least favorite sound at extreme volumes and captures the results at 187,500fps. That's around 7500x slower than you can see with your own face," says the video's description.

The Slo Mo Guys crank up the speaker at 504 hertz and watch what happens. The playback in slow motion is absolutely mesmerizing.

First, the glass contracts and expands, and then it starts to slowly show cracks from its bottom all the way up to its top. Even as the pieces of glass fall apart they still continue to wobble at the frequency of the sound.

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The Slo Mo Guys repeat this experiment several times with different camera speeds and compare the results each time which allows you to watch the glass break apart over and over again. It's a video not to be missed! 

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